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Vasectomy Clinic Southport Gold Coast QLD

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Vasectomy Venue is a vasectomy clinic that is located on Level 2, 127 Queen St in Southport only 100m from the Nerang St. Tram station (see below for location map)

You do not need to obtain a referral for the Vasectomy Venue Vasectomy Clinic but men are often referred by their GPs. Many of our patients come for vasectomy on the recommendation of friends or other family members who have already experienced the simplicity and rapid recovery of the open ended, no scalpel vasectomy.

Medicare rebates contribute to the cost of the vasectomy, consultation and procedure.

Who will be my Doctor?

Read more about Dr Matthew Valentine who is the vasectomy doctor at Vasectomy Venue

What do I need to know about gettting a vasectomy?

The Vasectomy Venue offers the latest pain free (no scalpel) vasectomy technique conducted in our day surgery in 127 Queen St Southport, Gold Coast QLD 4215.

Find out more information about the vasectomy procedure, the preparation before surgery, and the aftercare that is required.

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