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Vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure performed in order to block the passage of sperm from the testes and therefore to provide a very effective and permanent method of birth control.

Vasectomies have been performed for more than 100 years. There are variations in the technique performed. At Vasectomy Venue clinic in Southport we use the no scalpel (keyhole) vasectomy technique.

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no scalpel vasectomy.

The vas deferens cord is cut and sealed at one end and no stitches are required.

An open ended no scalpel vasectomy is being adopted as the preferred technique because it has fewer complications.

Vasectomy should be considered permanent contraception. It can often be reversed, semen can be stored before hand and sperm can be aspirated from the testes post vasectomy. All these things are expensive and involved and should not be considered as reasons to proceed with vasectomy.

Please remember vasectomy is not immediately effective. Follow up semen samples are required to ensure sperm clearance. Contraception must continue until you are advised the semen is clear.

Vasectomy is contraception only. You should expect to have normal testes, hormones, erections, ejaculation and libido after the procedure. Many men claim their sex life is better once the worry of pregnancy risk is removed.

Vasectomy is effective contraception. It is generally accepted that failure rates are around one in one thousand because of spontaneous rejoining and opening of the tube. This is many times safer than hormonal or barrier contraception methods.

You should expect the procedure to go smoothly. Complications are few and unlikely.

Some of these include: bleeding, infection, reactions to the drugs given, sperm granuloma – small nodules related to sperm leak from the cut end of the vas deferens and post vasectomy pain syndrome can occur, but usually resolves spontaneously. Long term problems like heart disease and cancers of the prostate and testes have not been shown to be related to vasectomy.

What about pain during vasectomy? We take great care to prevent this. You will be given some sedation and pain relieving medications and some local anaesthetic to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable throughout this 20-30 minute procedure. Some men prefer to have local anaesthetic only so they can drive home.

Before your vasectomy a consultation to explain the procedure and to ensure you are a suitable candidate for no scalpel vasectomy is desirable. You should shave the scrotum and pubic area and thoroughly clean the groin and scrotum. Food and fluid should be avoided 4 hours before the procedure

After your vasectomy someone should drive you home. You should lie down on the day of the procedure, apply ice packs at intervals and plan an easy day the next day. Some men wish to drive home. This can be permitted if no sedation is given. Generally men having a vasectomy prefer to have some medication to relax and sedate them. Often this will mean sleeping through the vasectomy procedure.

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The Vasectomy Venue offers the latest pain free Vasectomy techniques conducted in our surgery in Nerang St. Southport, Gold Coast.
Find out more information about the consultation, the procedure, preparation, the big day and then the aftercare required.

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