Gold Coast Vasectomy Venue - Vasectomy Clinic

The Vasectomy Procedure

The goal of vasectomy is to block the passage of sperm along two small tubes known as the vas deferens and so cause sterilization. Mostly the semen volume comes from the prostrate and seminal vesicles. Only about 5% come from the testes as sperm so after vasectomy the ejaculate looks unchanged.

The open ended no scalpel vasectomy involves a tiny puncture made in the skin of the scrotum then looping the vas deferens cord through this. A segment is removed and the end closest to the body is sealed with a cautery device. The cord is then returned to the scrotum. The hole seals spontaneously and no stitching is necessary. After the vasectomy procedure there is very little to see externally.

Local anesthetic in the scrotum is all that is necessary to ensure a painless vasectomy operation. Generally a relaxing, sedative medication is also given to ensure a pleasant experience. Many men simply sleep through the procedure.

It is preferred men lay flat on the day of the procedure and apply cold packs periodically to the scrotum. Most activities can be resumed over the next few days.